Saturday, June 1, 2013

2-Bit Comics #1: Canteen Kate

I received in the mail today the proof for the book I'd been fighting with CreateSpace about in the mid of last month. This is the project responsible for having messed with my writing and my sleep so mercilessly! I know, I know, it's naught but a reprint collection of a public domain comic series, but I do so strongly believe in the value of reprint anthologies. I was actually surprised at how it looks actually printed... much nicer than digitally displayed! There are a few things I can try with future issues, now. While the template advised not to include spinal text, it looks like there might be enough room for a little bit, and I think I can probably figure out how to get footers to work as well. Really this was all just an experiment to acquaint myself with just how CreateSpace works and all that jazz (and I learned a bit too much a bit too soon, I'm afraid!) Still, it turned out better than I had expected. You can purchase this as a very large paperback from its unique CreateSpace page here, or you can wait for the title to show up on Amazon. I've been told this process will take about a week.

This issue includes no special features, but I'm definitely thinking about how to incorporate some into later compilations.