Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comic Review: Godzilla, King of the Monsters #2 (Essential Godzilla) (2006, Marvel Comics)

The second issue of Marvel's Godzilla, King of the Monsters continues directly where the first ended. Godzilla, injured and angry from his encounter with SHIELD, flees beneath the surf and rises in Seattle, which he promptly levels. The Godzilla-destruction is seriously not anything special, and has already become stale since its excessive exposure in the first issue. Fortunately this is all relatively sped through as most of the book is human characters, which is something we need right now as Godzilla has not been fully personified.

Of particular note is Robert Takiguchi, who follows a very traditional manga path for his character (interesting how the Japanese character follows that path. It makes me wonder if Doug Moench read up on Japanese comics before writing this series). He's a young and restless grandson who's very passionate in his beliefs and wishes to force others to see things the way he does, often by shouting over them. He's talked down and falls away into quiet brooding, watching SHIELD take the tyrant from a distance, of course with some ominous last-panel words.

In short there isn't too much I can say about this issue that I didn't say about the first one. I'm still worried about this little journey growing very stale very quick. However, this second issue gives me much more hope. The characters are all starting to find their voices, and that's really adding a savory flavor to it all. We're also exploring Godzilla in ways similar to how audiences got to explore the Predator in the 80's film, and that's always a cool thing. Also, the removed color was much less bothersome in this issue. I'm not sure what that says for the original volumes, but it's certainly a boon for this black and white reprint.

It's certainly a step up from what came before, and y'know, it was actually kind of good. There wasn't anything particularly wowing about it, but I'd definitely read this issue again. Like all good things, Godzilla #2 blasts by with a seven out of ten.

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