Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pac-Man All-Stars (Windows) DVD Inserts

It's been a long while since I've posted a custom insert, but I've certainly been making them! Since I recently finished the GBA portion of my current casing project (well, I missed one game, but it's currently MIP), I think I'll get back to putting these up. At least, I'll put up the ones I've edited/made up until now.

Let's start with the most recent entry: Pac-Man All-Stars. This is a PC game I had no idea even existed, but you can't really blame me--almost nobody knows it existed! I can't even find mention of this thing on the Pac-Man Wiki. I'm pretty convinced this thing's not a legit game (such is the history of our pellet-pressing pal). I mean, it's got Baby Pac-Man on the disc (all I could get of it, unfortunately). Pretty sure Baby Paccy exists exclusive in that crapfest cartoon and never actually made it to games. Regardless, she's kind of cute so whatever. If this is some kind of fakey thing, it's one I'm happy to have around.

Unfortunately, its scarcity and relative anonymity has made it difficult to come by scans of the box art. I could purchase a sealed copy from Amazon for thirty dollars, but that's steep for an old game I won't play often (or at all. These old Windows games are really hit or miss with new comps...) and already own. I did manage to find some back and front scans at a place called Eli's Software, which seems to have mysteriously gone down in the past hour... did I just walk into a creepypasta? Anyways, I got those, had to blow them up tremendously, and managed to stitch together a spine. Since Baby Pac-Man was too short to fit properly with the rest of the crew, I made her my little mascot.

I've made two versions since both seem to be in vogue as far as PC game inserts are concerned. I would have made the covers go with the Sonic one I made prior, but I intend on picking up Gems Collection at some point and selling that off, so now is a good opportunity to start fresh with my collection of Windows games. It kind of bugs me that there isn't much uniformity across PC game cases, so I'm going to have a copy of Dragon Age: Origins that sticks out like a sore thumb (assuming I ever build a large PC collection).

Here's one with what appears to be the more popular PC label:

And here's one with more Windows influence:

I'll upload the other things I've been working on tomorrow. This post has been hard as hell to write for some reason, and I'm fearing that I'm just too tired to get the language to work out right. Maybe I'll take this game for a spin... anyways, enjoy! Night, all!

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