Monday, July 8, 2013

Who is the Father of Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

Donald's delinquent nephews are among Disney's most popular characters... arguably even more renowned than their dear unca'! Despite their 75-year history and frequent starring roles, the trio has remained something of an enigma. They are constantly shipped from relative to relative, bringing to wherever they go a series of unfortunate events--events which typically see them removed from their brief bedplace. In all this time, you'd think an explanation would be given as to just who their father is and what he's up to that has left his three children relatively homeless. The most I can find (and we, the human race, have done extensive research on the topic of cartoon ducks) is that their mother is Della Duck (a character who has seemingly been dropped from canon) and that they once hospitalized their father with firecrackers. Other than these brief instances, we have no clues as to the history and family of these poor poultries.

Actually, I think I know the answer.

The nephews' father is never seen because he is no longer of that earth. I'm not saying he's dead, mind you, just that he isn't around any more. Before I get into that, though, I'm going to characterize Della in ways which make sense to me:

She is not seen with her children because she is a mentally unstable drunk currently housed in a rehabilitation clinic. This is not evidenced by any sort of canon, but it makes some sense with the history I am about to bestow upon her.

Back to the father: his name is Howard. Howard the Duck. That's right, Marvel Comic's infamous fowl is actually the father of Disney's triumphant trio. Yes, I am saying this simply because of somewhat recent business acquisitions. Those business acquisitions, however, provide simple solutions to a great many plot holes on both sides of the equation. Howard the Duck is the unseen father of Huey, Dewey, and Loie--unseen, because he currently resides in a completely different dimension. Della, having witnessed Howard's interdimensional abduction, has become stark raving mad since.

This makes sense in a couple of other ways as well. Howard originally appears very similarly to Donald and his extended family, so much so that Disney actually sued Marvel (which is probably responsible for the shitty "real" duck body Howard's soul currently inhabits). Howard's home world "Duck World" is inconsistently shown as a world inhabited only by ducks and a world inhabited by many different anthropomorphic species. This falls right in line with Disney's "Duckverse", which is supposedly only inhabited by ducks despite being a spin-off of the Mickey Mouse franchise... oh, and there are also occasionally non-ducks shown.

It makes perfect sense that the Disney-looking duck character would be pulled out of the Disney-created Duck World, and it definitely fills in the holes for the nephews.

I demand this storyline. I demand it now! I also demand Disney's Hercules versus Marvel's Hercules.

Do it Disval. Do it now!

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