Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Killer Returns!

A few months ago I started this little project titled "Killer!!" which I promised would update regularly and then never really did anything with it. I set up a blog (and several other accounts), posted the first entry, and then allowed it to decay more than the bodies left by my protagonist. For the first month of this poor story's bastard existence, school and graduation had seriously gotten in the way, and the risk of not passing was too great to ignore. That took us into the beginning of this month, where I really have no damn excuse. Deciding that it's about time I got off my ass, I present the second entry, which has been edited for nearly a month and just collecting cyber dust somewhere on my sister's computer.

In the time that this poor thing was crying neglected in a corner of other abandoned projects, I actually managed to grit my teeth and finish the manuscript. Granted, the story isn't very long, but it was still written with the mindset I have when sitting down to write a lengthier work, so I'm kind of proud about this. I'm going to try to have them all edited in time to meet my new deadlines, and hopefully I can manage to actually do this.

Killer!! will have an update schedule of once every two weeks, and only on Wednesdays. The update will typically come later in the night, so keep your lights on.

If you've forgotten about the first entry, feel free to refresh your memory.

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