Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five Marvel Characters That Should Be DLC

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has been out long enough that the price is beginning to drop, and there still isn't any sign of downloadable content showing up on the XBLA servers. However, do not lose hope, do not despair. Capcom has several times stated that MvC3 is not abandoned. They have promised us either DLC or an updated Super version, akin to what they've done with Super Street Fighter IV. This news got me all kinds of excited again, fantasizing about all sorts of dream match ups, ridiculous combos, and spectacular specials that some of my favorite characters could pull off in glorious, glorious 3D. To work out some of my insane juices, here's a list of the top five Marvel characters I want to see make the next batch of MvC all-stars.

1. Karolina Dean

Karolina might not have the most heroic name, and she may not be the toughest hitter on Marvel's team, but she's got all the flair needed to make an impression. Belonging to an alien race known as the Majesdanians, Karolina's skin can absorb solar energy to the extent where her body cannot fully contain it. Through training and practice, Karolina has learned to master the ability of flight, as well as the ability to unleash several forms of solar radiated energy blasts. These skills, coupled with the fact that Karolina can create nearly indestructible energy shields, has made her an important player in the Runaways.

Go ahead and tell me she wouldn't look beauitful.
You know you're lying.

2. Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler has been a pretty popular character ever since his first introduction 1975. Despite his death in recent issues, Kurt still lives strong in the hearts of many, and it's not impossible to believe that he could appear given the alternate continuity designation of the MvC franchise. Nightcrawler has a surprising lot to bring the table than just a unique looking character. The gargoyle-esque superhero has the ability to teleport, a process which is otherwise known as "bamfing." This, coupled with his odd physiology which allows him to perform inhuman acrobatic feats, would make Nightcrawler one of the more original characters on the roster. Winding up a punch and then teleporting behind your opponent to deliver the attack? The gameplay possibilities with Nightcrawler are practically endless.

3. Howard the Duck

I can hear many of you laughing, and some of you clicking frantically at the "back" button on your browser, but back in his day, Howard was a pretty popular duck. So popular, in fact, that he was one of the first Marvel properties to star in a feature film. While some of the Duck's recent adventures have done a number on his concept and design, he still proves to be a cult favorite and is among one of the highest requested characters to appear in any Marvel game. Howard brings a bit of humor to the game, being a good candidate for the joke type of character that Capcom is such an enormous fan of, while also presenting a lot of opportunities for being a serious combatant. Howard is a master of the little known martial art Quak-Fu, which he has employed to defeat several enemies. Due to Howard being dragged through the Nexus of All Realities, he has gained considerable mystical abilities, to the point of being able to summon a fourth Eye of Aamotto and generate several other of Dr. Strange's famous weaponry, with Strange himself even remarking that Howard has the potential to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Like Uncle Scrooge, but cooler.

4. Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock has been one of Spider-Man's most famous arch-nemesi, and one of the most dangerous. Ock has been featured in what is regularly considered the best superhero film of all time, a role which skyrocketed his popularity well beyond the staggering level it already had. The good doctor has continuously proven to be extremely dangerous, and even formed the original Sinister Six, a team which nearly crushed our famed arachned hero. Doctor Octopus doesn't possess any superpowers of his own, but his four robotic tentacles are tough enough to put a dent in Cap's shield, and he's even used them to beat the Hulk into submission and tear apart Iron Man's armor. Brutally beating on alcoholics and whining scientists isn't the only reason Doc should show his face in Marvel's greatest display of combatants. The very source of his powers, the robotic harness he wears, presents Capcom with several hundred interesting possibilities. There is literally an endless number of ways for Ock to utilize that thing in combat, and even just showing off a few of them would make for one of the most diverse characters this side of the arcade.

Galactus is about to take some Megavitamins.

5. Daredevil

Daredevil might not possess super strength or super speed, but he's nearly as agile as Spider-Man, and his super senses allow him to dodge bullets, if only by a few centimetres. Ben Affleck gave this guy a reputation he didn't really deserve (and to be fair, that movie really wasn't terrible. Anything with Evanescence deserves to be watched at least once), but he's been Marvel's answer to Batman for a long time. Which makes sense when you consider that Frank Miller is responsible for the best runs in both series. Daredevil is a lawyer, much like She-Hulk, and fights in the name of the law when the police won't (though he's not going nearly as far as the Punisher... Who isn't on this list, sorry guys.) Daredevil is trained in several formed of martial arts, and was the son of a professional boxer, so he's a brute by nature, and he shows it off by instilling fear in the hearts of his enemies. While he isn't an A-List hero, Daredevil regularly teams up with them, and puts criminals such as the Kingpin in their place.