Monday, March 25, 2013

Fantasy Smash Bros.: Poliwag

For the first time in Smash history, Poliwag joins the fray! Not as a playable superstar, however. Instead Poliwag has the honor of being Fantasy Smash Bros.' first Pokéball Pokémon. Unfortunately poor Polly-Wolly isn't too astounding in any other way, because he's just here to fill in the spot of another Poképal. After being summoned, Poliwag dashes across the stage tapping enemies with whom he makes contact. Though he doesn't deal a terrible lot of damage, Poliwag's attacks can be annoying and foes who are caught at the wrong angles can be dragged right off the edge.

To put it simply for you Smashsperts out there, Poliwag is performing the same role that Marill did in Melee.