Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catwoman (Patience Phillips) Injustice (S!DC)

Patience Phillips was a graphic designer working for a beauty company known as Hedare Beauty. She overhears a plot to release a product to the public which will reverse the effects of aging, despite known drastic side effects. Her snooping is discovered, and she is killed by Laurel Hedare's hitmen.

She is revived by an Egyptian Mau and granted the abilities of the goddess Bastet. Patience uses her new powers to bring her murder to public attention, but becomes responsible for the death of Laurel Hedare in the process. Both the press and the Justice League confuse her as being Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, and refer to her as such. Wanted for murder, and for crimes committed by Selina, Patience evades Superman's fascist Justice League, eventually being taken under the wing of Batman, who recognized that she was not Selina Kyle almost immediately.

This Catwoman joins Batman's Insurgence force and serves to release the planet from the grip of Superman's dictatorship.

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