Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catwoman Prime (S!DC)

The Selina Kyle of the Prime Earth has a long history of on-and-off relationships with Bruce Wayne in both his civilian identity and his identity as Batman. For many years she prided herself in being a high class thief, the greatest in the world. Batman saw good in her, and often attempted to persuade her to fight the good fight. Eventually Batman's encouragement won out, and Catwoman reformed her life as a villain to become a hero in Gotham's streets. Though her relationship with Bruce Wayne seemed to fizzle, she still longs for him deeply and would do anything to win him over.

The Dire Conflict is first brought to her attention when Batman remotely warns her that their world is under siege by murderous dopplegangers. Shortly after which she encounters her opposite in the form of Patience Phillips. The two have a brief confrontation before the Injustice-Universe Batman steps in, Batman Prime with him, and explains that Patience is part of his rebellion force. The two Catwomen then team up to help fight back Superman's invading forces.

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