Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) Injustice (S!DC)

Selina Kyle's history is essentially identical to that of her Prime counterpart. A thief by trade and antihero, Catwoman became an on-and-off love interest to Batman. She often chose not to involve herself in the larger and more global matters of the super community, but was pursued shortly after Superman began his conquest of Earth. Unlike Injustice: Gods Among Us where Catwoman allies with Superman in the hopes that she can create a peacful life for Bruce and herself, this Catwoman does not believe that Batman will ever side with Superman's dictatorship. Superman insists that she at least attempt to pursuade the Dark Knight, and in exchange Superman will give her a pardon for her excessive crimes over the past decade. Catwoman reminds Superman that she has never committed any serious offense, only ever choosing to be a thief and routinely going out of her way to prevent her endeavours from having casualties. Superman does not care, stating that Catwoman is a villain, a rogue, a and a blight on the planet. He again, though impatiently, offers her amnesty for the persuasion of Bruce Wayne, but Selina states that Batman would never allow himself to be a soldier in Superman's regime. Not even for her.

Superman responds by saying: "Then you're useless to me." He swiftly ends Selina's life with a blast of his heat vision.

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