Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superwoman Prime (Lucy Lane) (S!DC)

Depicted is Lois Lane.
Lucy Lane is the younger sister of Lois Lane-Kent, a former airline stewardess who received temporary Kryptonian abilities with the use of a serum invented by Superman as a gift for Lois Lane. Lois asks Superman to give some of the serum to her sister, and he agrees. Though the serum only imbues Kryptonian powers for twenty-four hours, that was all the time needed for Lex Luthor to kidnap the superpowered Lucy Lane and extract her DNA to recover the Kryptonian super serum.

While captured by Lex Luthor, Lucy Lane is held in a deep sleep chamber which slows her metabolism to a crawl, allowing her body to retain Kryptonian abilities for a longer period of time. The abnormally long exposure to Kryptonian DNA, combined with her body's constant struggle to break the artificially induced coma, begins to mutate her body ever so slightly. Eventually her biology begins to more closely resemble a Kryptonian's than a human's, and she awakens from the coma and escapes.

She finds Superman who brings her back to the Fortress of Solitude and confirms that her body is now producing chemicals of Kryptonian origin. Though he warns her that her body may return to normal at any time, Lucy Lane is not disuaded and takes up the mantle of Superwoman. She dons the costume worn by her sister and sets out to battle crime in Metropolis.

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