Thursday, April 18, 2013

Starfire Injustice (S!DC)

In the Injustice-Universe, Starfire's history is very similar to her Prime counterpart. Princess Koriand'r was chased to Earth by an alien fleet and charged with war crimes she did not commit. After being rescued by and joining the Titans she began a relationship with Dick Grayson. This relationship was cut short when Kori found herself attracted to other humans. Starfire in this universe bears a greater resemblance to her comics and New 52 counterparts. She is less concerned with human emotion and life and has a fondness for promiscuity. After Dick Grayson is murdered by Damien Wayne she cares very little, if at all. When Superman begins his crusade of the planet, Koriand'r is one of the first who turn to his side, and unlike other Titans she gives her allegiance no second thoughts.

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