Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Biggest Wish for the Next Super Smash Bros.?

I've talked a lot about Super Smash Bros. in the past, even working on my own Fantasy Smash Project from time to time. In the good old days before every single forum on the internet was a breeding ground for Angry-Asshole Disorder, I used to join in on the Smash fandom by registering and participating in basically every Smash themed forum I could find. Those were good old days. A bunch of twelve-year-olds sitting around fantasizing about the most insane rosters they could imagine, debating whether or not a Paper Mario character would be insulting to the Revolution's graphics, drawing crappy little sprite edit stages and slapping a name over them. Oh, those days.

But here I am years later, still thinking about what would give me the greatest nerdgasm from a future Smash title, and I realize something: I don't need new characters, stages, or items. I don't need a lengthy adventure mode, beautifully reorchestrated music, or added multiplayer modes. These are all great things, and if they get skimpy with them I'll be quite sore, but there is one thing that I feel could advance the Smash franchise, or at least the experience, in so many ways. And with Namco working on the next release(s?) there's actually a decent chance of this showing up.

I want a color editor. I don't even want a full costume creator. All I want is a deep and well-thought-out color editor for the roster. The key factor would be to not have the editor remove the existing alternate color schemes, but to simply add a new one. Maybe you could use the shoulder buttons to scroll through the colors, R being for pre-set "official" colors, and L being for custom colors.

This is all I want to enhance my Smash experience. All I want is to change Mario from red to blue or brown or whatever possible color I want. Grab Soul Calibur's immense color array and shove it next to a Nintendo character. Give me free draw and paint bucket tools, and a "barrier" tool to determine where I want the color fill to stop, and I will be the happiest camper on the planet.

This would create the "deep, new experience" a lot of Smashers are craving, and that Nintendo seems to be clawing for. So I say let's do it. Give us the paint tool, Nintendo. It'll make us happy.

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