Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mysteries of Modern Media: Bubbler the Octopus is Pure Evil

Diddy Kong Racing week! 

Prior to the events of Diddy Kong Racing four of Timber Island's greatest racers were brainwashed by the villainous space sorcerer Wizpig. After being brainwashed, these racers served as Wizpig's top lieutenants, guarding the pieces of the amulet which would unlock his fortress. At the end of the game the bosses can be seen celebrating their freedom by throwing a party with the main characters. Except for Bubbler the Octopus, who is absolutely nowhere to be seen. Why wouldn't he be celebrating his freedom with the other characters? He's not totally seabound, as we see him climbing on shore several times. Surely he could have crawled across the beach and into the next bit of water to join the festivities.

Party? No.
Or maybe there's more nefarious reasons for Bubbler's absence. Maybe, unlike Bluey, Tricky, and Smokey, Bubbler was never under Wizpig's mind control. Maybe, unlike those others, he was free the entire time. If you want to get all kinds of conspiracy about it, look at the names of the bosses. The three bosses who celebrate their freedom with the heroes (Tricky, Bluey, and Smokey) all end with a pleasant and childish "Ee" sound generated by the letter "Y." But Bubbler? He's got that hard "Er" going for him with the letter "R." Could that be because he isn't like the other bosses?

But that would be totally nuts. Who would believe that?

One of these things is not like the others... One of these things doesn't belong...

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